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Build it. Fly it.

Launch your creation from our 30-foot towers!

Fascinated by flight? Learn about aerodynamics and exercise your creativity in our Build It, Fly It exhibit.

Start at the construction station and engineer your own flying machine using colorful foam pieces in a variety of shapes.

Next, place your unique invention onto a 30-foot vertical, hand-powered conveyor system and crank it up through the rafters.

Watch as your creation is released at the very top to see if it flies, flutters or falls.

Following in the footsteps of scientists and inventors, you can then redesign and retest your flying machine to try and improve your results. Anyone can be an engineer in this fun and creative environment.

More Flight Fun:

Try out our Bernoulli Blower in the corner of Build It, Fly It, underneath a giant sculpture of a rocket ship! Bernoulli’s principle, named after Daniel Bernoulli, is all about air speed and pressure and relates to the science of flight. Kids can explore this concept by introducing balls of different densities, and scarves into a steady flow of air and observing what happens!

Then enjoy airplane cockpit with an instrument panel for imaginative play is being constructed and will be installed soon in the corner opposite the Bernoulli Blower.

This is a great exhibit to practice asking some Open Ended Questions!

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