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Coin Maze

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CoinMaze unveiling

An old favorite exhibit has taken on new life, thanks to a generous donation from Holy Rosary Credit Union. The Children's Museum of New Hampshire's Coin Maze, a popular spot where children drop in pennies and dimes to watch them tumble through obstacles, was redesigned by Children's Museum of New Hampshire's Exhibits Director Mark Cuddy and made its debut in February 2015.

"We are thankful to Holy Rosary Credit Union for sponsoring the creation of a new, re-imagined Coin Maze exhibit for the Children's Museum of New Hampshire,” said Jane Bard, President of the Children's Museum of New Hampshire. “For more than a decade, children and adults have delighted in this Rube-Goldberg-type exhibit. Holy Rosary's generous support has allowed us to improve our visitor's experience and add a new component of financial literacy to the exhibit."

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