Group Visit + STEAM Learning Lab


Bring the world of science and inquiry to your students, Grades 1-5, with the Children's Museum of NH's S.T.E.A.M. Innovation Lab (Science Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). S.T.E.A.M. Learning Lab visits include a 2-hour visit to the museum featuring a variety of creative science inquiry based activities related to the Next Gen Science Crosscutting Concepts (lesson time = 45 minutes) plus free exploration within the Children's Museum of New Hampshire.

Time: Each visit runs from 9:30-11:30am, Tuesdays through Fridays.

Required: Visit must be scheduled in advance. One adult chaperone for every 5 children.

Fees: Group Visit + STEAM Labs are tiered flat rates based on the number of participants. Adults are included in this count. 15 person minimum, 30 person maximum.

10-20 Participants: $175
21-30 Participants: $300

To book: A $50 deposit is required to reserve your date. If you are unable to pay the deposit online with a credit card, please email and request to reserve a date/time with a check through the mail. The balance is due at least two weeks in advance of your schedule visit.

Dates to book a Group Visit + STEAM Lab coming soon.

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Featuring creative, science inquiry based activities related to the Next Gen Science Cross Cutting Concepts, teachers can choose from the following Learning Labs in our STEAM Innovation Lab:

Creative Circuits: Grades 1-5
Explore everyone's favorite circle: a circuit! Jump into this Lab with some theatre-integrated creative circuits and leave with your own made with aluminum foil.

Birds, Beaks, and Adaptations - Grades 1-5
Would a woodpecker be able to gather food in a pond? How successful would a duck be gathering food on a prairie? Find out in this hands on lab all about bird beak adaptations.

Simple Machines: Levers! - Grades 1-5
This Simple Machine lesson focuses on levers - Students will investigate the different classes of levers and build their own to take home! Let gravity do the work!

Up, Up, and Away! Grades 1-5
We introduce the Engineering Design Process in this create-and-test lab all about flight! Students will design and test their own flying or floating contraptions to take home after testing in our Built It, Fly It exhibit.

Watershed Exploration: Grades 1-5
Using an interactive display, explore the local watershed and its effects on the people, plants, and animals that rely on it to live. Learn about the interdependent relationships of the lives that exist along the rivers and water-ways. Students are challenged with creating a "pollution solution" to filter water in a fun science experiment.

Orientation Video for Groups Visiting CMNH

*Please note that masks are required when visiting the museum for everyone over the age of 24 months. No food is allowed inside the museum, and the water fountains are not turned on. We are not currently offering classrooms for lunch or snack.

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