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Educator Workshops: We will occasionally offer educator workshops by partnering with local educational institutions or businesses. Sign up for our educator enewsletter to stay up to date!

STEM Video Challenge Series: We've created a series of video challenges related to S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning. Each short video focuses on a specific concept.

Our Exhibits as Curriculum Connections: Our exhibits here at the Children's Museum of New Hampshire are great for hands-on learning to help drive home a lesson learned in the classroom.

Free Downloadable Resources: We have developed and gathered great curriculum guides which can be used to prepare you for a visit or help supplement a visit.

Free Downloadable Resources

RIVERS: Bringing New Hampshire to Life

Natural Science & New Hampshire History Curriculum

Download our comprehensive Rivers Curriculum Guide to use with in your classroom at no cost! Our Education Department created this resource for teachers with generous support from the Roger R. and Theresa S. Thompson Endowment Fund.


Pattern Activities for Early Learners
Pattern Activities for School-Aged Children
Pattern Activity Resources


Dinosaur Activities for Early Learners
Dinosaur Activities for School-Aged Children
Dinosaur Activity Resources


Sound Activities for Early Learners
Sound Activities for School-Aged Children
Sound Activity Resources

STEM Video Challenge Series

The Education Department of the Children's Museum of New Hampshire is producing a series of video challenges related to STEM learning, as a free resource for educators. Each short video focuses on a specific concept and invites students to watch and try out their own ideas in the classroom or on their own. Be watching for new vides on our YouTube channel!

Simple Machines

In this STEM Challenge, we learn all about Simple Machines with Lead Educator Meredith Lamothe.

Forces & Motion

In this STEM Challenge, we use the test track in our Thinkering Lab exhibit to learn about force, motion, inclined planes and wheels!

How do machines and vehicles react on different surface conditions?

What if we change the size of the wheels?

What if our surface is flat vs. an inclined plane?

Intended for Grades K-4

The Physics of Flight

In this STEM Challenge, we use our 40-foot Build It, Fly It exhibit to learn about the physics of flight!

Which shapes are the most aerodynamic?

Why are some animals and modes of transportation more aerodynamic than others?

Using this knowledge, can you create a design that you think would work best for launching and flying?

Intended for Grades K-3

Introduction to Scientific Inquiry

Are you ready to tackle the process of Scientific Inquiry?!

Follow Meredith, CMNH Lead Educator, and her friends on a journey throughout the Children's Museum of New Hampshire to learn the steps of the inquiry process!

What do rubber boots, ice cream and unicorns have to do with Scientific Inquiry? You're about to find out!

Intended for Grades K-5

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