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How does it work? The Children's Museum of NH Consignment Sale has two parts. The first is the drop, second the shop. Consignors bring their sorted, organized, hung and tagged items to the drop. Then consigners and anyone else (the public) shops for nearly new, gently used clothing, gear & furniture. There is a pre-sale for consignors, volunteers, and CMNH Members, as well as public hours.

Why participate? Consignors earn 60% or more of the revenue from their sold items. All other proceeds from the event benefits the Children's Museum of NH, which delivers playful learning experiences to families throughout the state.


Where is the sale located? The sale will be located at the Mall at Fox Run, 50 Fox Run Road, Newington, NH.

How often do you have these sales? We normally hold two a year, in the Spring and Fall.

Are you doing anything to help shoppers feel safer during this COVID-19 pandemic? Yes. We are requiring that everyone over the age of 24 months wear a mask while shopping the sale, regardless of vaccination status. If you have specific questions or concerns that we haven't addressed here, please reach out to sale organizer Lauren Wood and she will happily help answer your questions:

Is there an admission fee into the event? No, the Public Sale is free to all shoppers!

What methods of payment will you accept? Currently we accept cash and Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. No checks.

Are strollers allowed at the sale? There is no room for strollers at the sale and they WILL NOT be allowed inside. And some strollers are consigned making it confusing to have strollers brought in. There will be a space for you to park strollers outside of the sale space. We encourage you to bring a large bin to collect items in as you shop.

Are children allowed at the sale? We LOVE kids, however, we would like to strongly encourage NOT bringing children to any of the sales if possible. Please keep in mind that we do not allow strollers during our sales. For your child's safety, parents are asked to keep a very close eye on their children at all times and not let them wander off on their own. Please do not allow them to play with the toys that are for sale. If your child damages an item you will be required to pay for it, it wouldn't be fair to our consignors otherwise.

How can I get into the pre-sale? Consider volunteering for one of our 4 hour shifts and come to the pre-sale. You can also distribute flyers for our sale and earn a pre-sale pass. Contact Lauren Wood at for more information about flyers. The Private Pre-Sale is open to Consignors who bring in 25 or more items and sale Volunteers! See this page for details on pre-sale dates and times.

Am I permitted to bring a basket, bag or something else to fill while I shop? You are welcome to bring a basket (laundry or other), bin or large tote to carry your item in during the sale but please no shopping bags. Bags will be checked at the door when exiting the sale. WE DO NOT PROVIDE BAGS.

What if I want to purchase a large item? Items may be placed in our hold bay for up to one hour while you shop. If you wish to hold an item, take it to the hold bay where a volunteer will mark the item with your name and the time. If an item is too large to move then find a volunteer to place a HOLD tag with your name and time on the item you wish to hold. Items not claimed within one hour will be return to the floor.

Is everything half price during the Half Price Sale? No, our consignors choose whether or not they want an item to be sold at half price so some items may not be discounted. The tag will indicate whether an item is discounted or not.

Can I hold items for the half price sale? No, that would not be fair to our consignors.


How can I register to become a consignor? You can register to become a consignor by clicking this link New Consignor Registration.You will also need to read the documents on our new consignor registration page. Registration for new consignors opens a few months before the sale. Spots fill very quickly so please don't wait to register.

When is the deadline for entering my items into the consignment system? The deadline to add or make changes to inventory, volunteer shifts and drop-off appointments is Saturday, September 25 at 11pm. No inventory may be added after that time. Any changes to your shift or appointment after the deadline must be addressed with the Consignment Sale Manager, who can be reached at The system may be accessed to print tags until your drop-off appointment.

How much will I earn on my items? You will earn 60% on all of your sold items (less a $8.00 registration fee). You may earn more by volunteering.

If I consign items, do I have to stay during the sale? No, you do not need to be present during the sale. You MUST come back during consignor pick up to claim any unsold items you want to take back. Any unclaimed items will be considered a donation to the Children's Museum of New Hampshire.

What is the minimum or maximum number of items I can bring? Consignors may sell up to 275 items per consignor number. Do not use a different email to open a second account. Consignors need to consign a minimum of 25 items to get into the presale.

What can I consign? We limit our sales to seasonal items (Spring/Summer Items for the Spring Sales and Winter/Fall Items for the Fall Sales). We accept gently used, in season infant, children's and maternity clothing, shoes, accessories, cloth diapers, toys, games, books, music, movies, bedding and gear.

We cannot accept:

  • Certain large items due to COVID related restrictions
  • Items that are stained, ripped, broken, missing parts, or are in poor condition
  • Off season clothing/gear
  • Out-of-date clothing
  • Mens or Womens clothing
  • Stuffed animals
  • Previously used breastfeeding pillows
  • Previously used breastfeeding pumps
  • Previously used mattresses (crib or changing table)
  • Cribs
  • Carseats
  • Baby bathtubs and bath seats
  • Rock 'N Plays
  • Bumbo seats without straps
  • Large outdoor climbing toys
  • Food
  • Recalled items (

Any large items that are accepted at drop-off, but are later found to be recalled items, will be held until the end of the sale for pickup, if the consignor chooses not to donate leftover items.

Feel free to contact us if you have a question about a specific item.

What happens if an item is rejected? At drop off we will review all of your items. Any item that does not meet our criteria will be set aside and you can take it home then, or if you are unable to stay while we check you in we will set any such items aside. Any set aside items can be picked up at the end of the sale, or donated.

Can I sell clothes that are not for the current season? No. We accept Spring/Summer items for our Spring Sales and Winter/Fall items for our Fall Sales.

Where can I find safety pins and hangers? Safety pins and clothes hangers can be purchased at national discount chains as well as dollar stores. You can find baby hangers for approximately 88 cents per 12 hangers and sometimes cheaper. You may also use a tagging gun. Tags for baby equipment, nursery furniture and toys should be attached in a secure manner with cording, string, or nylon cable ties (cable ties can be purchased at any hardware store, Home Depot sells a package of 100 – 8" cable ties for around $2.95.

I'm not sure how to price my items? Read Tagging Instructions for pricing guidelines.

Will I need an appointment to drop off things? Yes, appointments need to be scheduled here.

Do I have to pick up my items after the sale? No, you can choose to donate your unsold items. Any items you do not want donated must be picked up during the designated Consignor Pick Up Hours. Any items not been picked up during the designated time will be donated.

Where do donated items go? Any item marked for donation will go to carefully selected local charities. If you are a local charity and wish to be considered for this, please reach out to Lauren Wood:

What if I find that an item is missing from my pick up pile? It sometimes happens that items may become lost during the course of the sale. We do our best, however it is not always possible to account for every item. Items lose their tags or mates, toys not secured properly lose pieces. If you are missing items at consignor pick up please let us know so that we can continue to improve the sale.

Can I get tax receipt for my donated items? If you are planning on donating your unsold items, you must select this option when registering your items through your My Sale Manager account. CMNH is not able to issue a tax receipt for consignors who choose to donate their unsold items but do not set this up in their account prior to the sale.

Who is allowed to shop at the Pre-Sales?
Volunteer Pre-Sale is the evening of Friday, October 1, 3-5pm
Consignor and CMNH Members Pre-Sale is Friday, October 1, 5-7pm
CMNH Members must show their membership card to get into this pre-sale.

Can I bring my husband/wife/relative/friend with me to the Pre-Sales? Consignors and Volunteers will get a guest pass.

Can I bring children to the Pre-Sales/Public Sales? We LOVE kids, however, we would like to strongly encourage NOT bringing children to any of the sales if possible. Please keep in mind that we do not allow strollers during our sales. For your child's safety, parents are asked to keep a very close eye on their children at all times and not let them wander off on their own. Please do not allow them to play with the toys that are for sale. If your child damages an item you will be required to pay for it, it wouldn't be fair to our consignors otherwise.

Do I have to be a consignor in order to volunteer? No. You do not have to be a consignor to volunteer at the sale. Non-consigning volunteers must work at least one full shift prior to the Friday, October 1st Pre-sale in order to receive a pre-sale shopping pass.

What will I receive in exchange for volunteering my time? All Volunteers who work at least one 4 hour shift will be admitted to shop the Wednesday Volunteer pre-sale, this is the first chance to shop! In addition, consignors who volunteer will earn an additional percentage of their sales. Click here to register to volunteer!

May I bring my children with me during my volunteer shift? No, for their own safety, children are not allowed during volunteer shifts. It is a very busy time and can be a dangerous place for little ones. It is too difficult to watch out for little ones while we are preparing for the sale.

What if I need to cancel my volunteer shift? If you must cancel your shift we ask that you call or email us to let us know at least 24 hours before your shift. Volunteers are at the heart of our success.

Still have questions? Please feel free to contact us:

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