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NH Maker Fest

June 3, 2023

The NH Maker Fest is a gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do. From engineers to artists to scientists, to chefs, the Maker & Food Fest is a venue for these "makers" to show hobbies, experiments, projects, and for all of us to enjoy fantastic food!

We call it the Greatest Show & Tell on Earth - a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Here's what the 2023 Fest will look like:

  • The Fest will take place at the Children's Museum of NH in Dover on Saturday, June 3, 2023. Masks are optional for this event.

  • Pay what you can admission: Everyone is welcome, regardless of the ability to pay! (suggested donation of $5 per person)

  • The Fest runs from 10am-3pm.

  • Curious? Check out the 2023 Maker Manual which has more details!

Questions? Reach out to

The 2023 Call for Makers is Now Open!

The deadline to apply as a Maker is Monday, May 22, 2023.

Check out some Virtual Content from 2020!

Vagabond Coffee Car

Liam Hardy, Proprietor from Wells, Maine


When Liam Hardy, Mainer by birth and machinist by trade, wanted to convert a 1949 International Harvester into a mobile coffee truck, he knew he could count on the NH Maker community for help, inspiration and resources. During the 2020 Virtual NH Maker & Food Fest, Liam gave a tour of his one-of-a-kind truck. Check that out along with more videos on our YouTube NH Maker Fest Playlist!

Bedrock Gardens

Lee, NH


All 37 acres that makes up Bedrock Gardens in Lee, NH have been lovingly crafted by local Makers Jill Nooney and Bob Munger. If this oasis of art, horticulture and inspiration isn’t a tribute to Makers everywhere, we don’t know what is! For the 2020 Virtual NH Maker & Food Fest, they shared this bird's eye view of their gardens. Check that out and more over on our YouTube NH Maker Fest Playlist!

Center for Wildlife - Build a Bat House

Cape Neddick, ME


The Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick, Maine is nestled at the base of Mount Agamenticus and has been treating injured and orphaned wild animals and presenting programming to community members for the last 33 years. For the 2020 NH Maker & Food Fest, Education and Outreach Specialist Katie Brodeur showed us how to build a bat house. Bats are the only flying mammal that uses sonar technology, they eat 1000 mosquitos in one hour, and they help to plant and pollinate the Tropical Rainforest! They’re amazing creatures and building bat houses with instructions and guidance from Bat Conservation International will help protect these night allies. Check that out and more over or on our YouTube NH Maker Fest Playlist!

Max-Planck Institute for Plasma Physics


Senior Researcher Rachael McDermott from the Max-Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Germany is working on the ASDEX Upgrade Tokamak project. A Tokamak is a device that is being developed to produce controlled thermonuclear fusion power. Check out a virtual tour of a tokamak, along with other great videos and resources for young scientists on the IPP website. For the 2020 NH Maker & Food Fest Rachael gave us an inside look at her work in this cutting edge field! Check that out and more over on our YouTube NH Maker Fest Playlist!

Jane Oneail and Culturally Curious

Manchester, NH


Jane Oneail, owner and creator of Culturally Curious, curates and delivers engaging art talks to audiences throughout New England. For the 2020 virtual NH Maker & Food Fest she talked about the Top 10 Pets in Paintings, with a little help from her son, Teddy! Check that out and more over on our YouTube NH Maker Fest Playlist!

Creative Guts Podcast

Laura Harper Lake from Seacoast, NH

Sarah Wrightsman from Durham, NH


Laura Harper Lake and Sarah Wrightsman have created a podcast focused on the pursuit of creativity. Their interview-style podcast explores the roots of creativity, dives into the hearts of creators, and discovers how creativity connects with the world around them. During the 2020 NH Maker & Food Fest Sarah And Laura walked us through how Creative Guts was created, their process, some of their favorite interviews, and more! Check that out and more over on our YouTube NH Maker Fest Playlist!

I loved the diversity in the exhibits and the ability for my son to create things and bring them home. He absolutely loved the robots (that's something you don't see everyday) and being able to use his hands to make something grown-ups make.

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