Semi-Annual Consignment Sale

Spring Sale cancelled

Sell your outgrown children's clothes and gear, make money, shop for high quality current styles for your own growing children and support the Children's Museum of New Hampshire all at the same time!

“I look forward to this sale every season!"

– April from Barnstead, NH

The Children's Museum of NH Consignment Sale is a huge children's clothing and gear sale held twice a year. Items for sale include gently used, good quality children's clothes, baby clothes and gear, toys, shoes, sports equipment, nursery furniture and décor, music and videos, costumes and books. There is no cost to shop the sale. All proceeds benefit the Children's Museum of New Hampshire.


Clean out your kids' closets and your attic and earn extra money. Consignors earn 60% of all revenue from their sold items, help other families, recycle, and benefit a good cause all at the same time.

Questions? Reach out to Lauren Wood at

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Do you have kids or grandkids? Shop with us for current styles and provide for your growing children at a fraction of the retail cost. There is no fee to come in and shop the sale.

Please note that the dates, times and restrictions for this sale are subject to change as we see what the social distancing guidelines demand as we get closer to the sale date. The health and safety of everyone involved is our highest priority. That is why we are spacing out the sale dates and times more than we have in past sales. We may assign shopping times for smaller groups of shoppers. We have also scheduled two days after consignors have dropped off their items that the sale location will be locked and the entire inventory will sit untouched to help air off surfaces.

Questions? Reach out to Lauren Wood at

Consignor Faqs

“I consign my daughter’s clothes that she has grown out of, then use that money to buy her an entire wardrobe for the season! It’s so easy and the clothes are always fabulous.”

More Details

How does consigning with the Children's Museum of NH Consignment Sale work? Follow these 10 easy steps!

  1. READ all the helpful info on our website. Be sure to check out all the links.

  2. REGISTER to consign! Registration opens to returning consignors a few months before the sale. Sign up for the e-newsletter or follow the facebook page to find out exact date and time. Spaces are limited and they go quickly so mark your calendars!

  3. SCHEDULE your drop-off appointment and, if so desired, your volunteer shift(s) - remember, consignors who volunteer earn a higher percentage of their sales!

  4. WASH, hang and sort your inventory by size and type! Please follow seasonal guidelines shared with you when you register.

  5. ENTER your inventory in the consignment system (click on "work with inventory") by the deadline.

  6. PRINT your tags on WHITE card stock!

  7. ATTACH your tags with a tagging gun or safety pin in a label or seam (no straight pins, please).

  8. BRING your sorted and tagged inventory to your scheduled drop-off appointment.

  9. SHOP our Private Pre-Sale (see dates and times above)

  10. PICK UP your unsold, non-donated items at the assigned date and time.

After that, all you have to do is keep an eye on your mailbox for your check!

First-time Consignor Login​

Returning Consignor Login

Why Consign?

· Earn 60% of your sales (up to 75% for volunteers)! · You decide the price of your items, and if you want to include items in our Half Price sale. · We process all sales and mail your check to you within 60 days after the sale. · Pick up your unsold items or simply leave them and they will be considered a donation to the Children's Museum of NH. The museum donates items to local charities. If you are a local charity and would like to be considered to receive these items, please reach out to Lauren Wood: · Shop early! Consign 25 or more items to get a Consignor + 1 Guest pass for our pre-sale (see dates above). · Enjoy the ease of letting us get the word out and coordinating the sale.

How does it work?

Sign up: Both new and returning consignors can click on the login/registration links above to launch the account login screen.

Prepare, Price and Tag: Gather the items you have for sale then use our automated system to enter your items online and print customized barcoded tags. PLEASE NOTE: All items for the sale must have a barcoded tag on them and must be on hangers. Print barcodes on white cardstock, and then safety pin or use a tag gun to attach each barcode to each item for sale.

Drop off: Schedule a time to drop off your items. Bring your prepared items and one of our volunteer staff will check your items in.

Pick up or Donate: Pick up any unsold items during the designated pick up time and save them for the next consignment sale, or choose to donate them to the Children's Museum of NH.

Get Paid!: Your sales will be calculated and your check will be mailed within 60 days of our sale date.

Links to Useful Information:

Tagging Instructions

Pricing Guidelines


Volunteer Registration

Returning Consignor Login

Volunteer and earn up to 75% of your sales AND shop early at the Pre-Sale!


Consignors who Volunteer for:

1 shift: receive 65% of your sales and a presale pass which you can use or give to a friend.

2 shifts: receive 70% of your sales and a presale pass which you can use or give to a friend.

3 shifts: receive 75% of your sales and a presale pass which you can use or give to a friend.

Non-Consignors who Volunteer:

At least 1 shift: receive 1 volunteer presale pass good for volunteer and a friend.

What can you expect during a volunteer shift?

Sale Prep - Do you like to organize? Are you good at customer service? During this shift you hang sale items, help check in consignors, and get the sale floor ready for the big sales!

Sales Floor – This shift is for you if you’re a “people person”! You may be assisting cashiers by “de-tagging” items at the register, assisting shoppers at our hold bay, straightening racks and rehanging items, assisting shoppers, or assisting with security by checking bags and strollers as folks leave.

Sale Breakdown – This shift is for you if you like to sort and organize and want hangers for our next sale! You will be helping us sort unsold items and packing up donated items.

Please note that volunteer spaces will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

If you want to volunteer please register here.

Other Information:

Cancellations – We understand that things can happen at the last minute so if you find it necessary to cancel or reschedule your shift we ask that you call to let us know as soon as possible. Volunteers who do not notify us of a cancellation will not be allowed to register as a volunteer for the next season's sale. Please understand that these guidelines have been put in to place to maintain a high-quality sale.

Children – For their own safety, children are not allowed during volunteer shifts. It is a very busy time and it is too difficult to watch out for little ones while we are preparing for the sale.

Drop Off Appointments & Volunteering – We ask that volunteers not schedule a drop off appointment during their shift. Volunteers may do so either before or after their shift(s).

Other Ways to Earn an Early Shopper Passes or other benefits - contact us if you're interested!

Spread the Word - We will give you a pre-sale pass if you have a school, sports club, dance school, daycare, etc. where you can pass out our sale fliers.

Have other ideas? We're always open to any cross-marketing ideas or any other suggestions that will make our sale better! See our Contact Us page to send us a message.

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