Tagging Instructions

How to Prepare Your Items - Condition of your clothes is very important. Make sure your clothes are clean, pressed and in excellent condition. Please, no stains, holes, tears or excessive wear and tear. Examine each item as if you were buying it.


Hangers required for all clothes - All clothes must be hanging with hangers all facing the same direction (hook pointing LEFT as you face the garment). Use baby and child hangers when possible. Hang all pants by the waist with the front showing. Use a pant hanger with clips, or use safety pins to attach the pant to the top sides of the hanger so it doesn't slide off. Using safety pins (not straight pins), to pin your tags on the correct item. Use one tag per item. Pin your tags to the RIGHT front shoulder of each shirt and the upper RIGHT pant leg of each pair of pants. Pants sell best when they are easily seen. Do not fold pants over hangers.


Tagging - Using safety pins (not straight pins), pin your tags on the corresponding item from your Inventory form. Use one tag per item. Pin your tags to the RIGHT front shoulder of each shirt and the upper RIGHT pant leg of each pair of pants. Tape your tags to all non-hanging items.

Separate boys' clothes from girls' - Group by sex and then by size. This saves a lot of time at check in. On all non-hanging items, attach your tags with tape. Shoes. Tie shoes together with a string or ribbon. Or, bring them in a clear plastic bag. Use masking tape on the sole of EACH shoe and indicate the size and your Consignor number. If tape won't stick to the sole, stick the tape inside the shoe.


Clear packaging - Clear packaging is useful to keep things clean and together. If there are multiple pieces to a game or toy, bag them in a clear ziplock bag and tape the bag shut.

Use tape to seal boxes - Board games, puzzles and other boxed items should be sealed with masking tape or blue painters tape (not package tape, which tears the box) with a note on the front indicating that all pieces are included. Write your Consignor number on the tape.


Note: We will need to look over your items to make sure they are clean, in excellent condition and are for the appropriate season. We reserve the right to refuse any items that do not meet our standards. Thank you for your understanding as we strive to maintain the highest quality of consigned items.

Not sure how to price your items? See our Pricing Suggestions chart.

Once you have inventoried and tagged all of your items, click here to set up a drop-off appointment.

If you have any questions about whether your items are fit for our sales event, please email us at lauren@childrens-museum.org.

If you have a large piece of baby or kids furniture that is too bulky to bring in for evaluation, e-mail us a picture to: lauren@childrens-museum.org.

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