Scout Overnights & Workshops

We offer Workshops and Overnight Sleepovers especially for Scouts and other organized groups

With our overnights, which can be scheduled on Friday and Saturday evenings, you can bunk down for the night amongst the Children's Museum of New Hampshire many exhibits, participate in engaging, interactive workshops, enjoy a safe, affordable and hassle-free night complete with educational fun, snacks and breakfast.

Our workshops are just as fun as overnights, compacted into 2 1/2 hours! Workshops are great for smaller groups and we offer many of the same projects as during our overnights. Workshops can be scheduled during the day when the Children's Museum of New Hampshire is open to the public.

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Daytime Workshops:
Minimum: 12 children
Maximum: 30 children*
Cost: $15 per child, $7 per adult chaperone
*We can accommodate large numbers if notified in advance
A $50 deposit is required when booking a daytime program.

Minimum: 50 Participants Maximum: 90 Participants (incl. Adults)
Cost: $30/ child, $20/adult chaperone
Please send a list of participants and deposit 2 weeks in advance of scheduled visit.
A 50% deposit is required when booking an overnight.

To Book a Workshop or Overnight call or email Leila at 603-742-2002.

Questions? Please call or email Xanthi Gray at 603-742-2002


STEAM Design & Engineering – (Daisy - Juniors & Cadettes - Webelos)

Experience the fun of the design process as you create and test things that float, fly & sour through the sky. Can you make a balloon float through the air? What is it about wings that help an airplane fly, and rockets soar? Learn about famous inventors & makers, experience their flying contraptions and use your imagination to design, create & test your very own flying things!

What's the MATTER – (Daisy - Juniors & Cadettes - Webelos)

Explore the many elements of Matter. Experiment with changing matter and transform familiar items from one form to another. Use your magic to make soap expand and plastic shrink. Create a keepsake to bring home with you!

Unusual Art - (Daisy - Juniors & Tigers - Bears)

Combine Art & Science and create amazing works of art and experiment with how things work. Make connections by lighting up your artwork and experimenting with circuits at the same time! Explore color-mixing techniques while learning about the art & history of kites and much more.

Medieval Marvels – (Daisy - Juniors & Tigers - Bears)

Kids love to explore and imagine what it would be like to live in medieval times. Step back in time and experience different activities that were common during the Middle Ages. Come dressed in medieval wear and create a family crest & crown, and take on the challenge of constructing a castle that can be knocked down by a catapult! End the program with a snack & a story!

All workshops for both Girl and Boy Scouts are 2 1/2 hours and include time to explore the Museum's exhibits. Workshops can take place during the hours the Museum is open to the public, or private evening workshops can be arranged after the Children's Museum of New Hampshire closes at 5pm for an additional fee. A minimum of 12 children and a maximum of 30 children per program is required. Cost is $15 per child and $7 per adult. A $50 deposit is required to book a workshop.

Spend the night at the Children's Museum of New Hampshire!

Overnights can be scheduled on Friday and Saturday evenings year-round and include three science and/or art activities, an evening snack, and breakfast at a cost of $30 per Scout and $20 per adult chaperone.

A minimum of 50 participants per overnight and a maximum of 100 per event is required. (We are happy to work with smaller troops to match you with other troops to meet the minimum number.) Overnight guests arrive at 6:45pm and depart at 9am the next morning. Shower facilities are not available.


Who can participate?

Overnights are designed for children in grades 1 - 6 and their adult chaperones. Organized groups such as Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts can register for an overnight for their troop or den. Other youth organizations can participate if they meet the guidelines for age, minimum numbers for capacity and can provide an insurance certificate.

How much does an overnight cost and what does it include?

The fee to attend an overnight is $30 per child and $20 per adult. This fee includes an evening snack, a wide array of breakfast items, all activity materials, and access to all museum exhibits. A 50% deposit is required to book an overnight.

What kind of food do you serve for snack and breakfast?

Snack consists of mix-your-own snack mix using cereal, pretzels, raisins, chocolate chips and crackers, as well as juice, water and a coffee/tea station for adults. Breakfast items include muffins, mini-bagels, cream cheese, yogurt, fresh fruit, granola bars, juice, milk and coffee/tea for adults. We make all efforts to stay away from serving food products containing peanuts and tree nuts. However, please contact museum in advance should you have food allergies.

What are the hours of an overnight?

Each overnight program officially starts at 7pm. All groups should plan to arrive by 6:45pm. Please do not arrive before 6:30 as the museum will not be open. Departure is by 9am the following morning.

What should campers bring?

Keep it simple! Each camper should bring a sleeping bag, pillow and basic toiletries. Adults are welcome to bring a camping pad or small inflatable mattress. We suggest that campers dress in layers of comfortable clothes and shoes that they can wear to sleep. Packing a change of clothes inside your sleeping bag is one way to save space. The museum does not have shower facilities. Flashlights are not necessary as bathrooms and common areas remain lit and nightlights are placed throughout the museum.

Where do I park?

There is ample overnight parking in the metered spots near the museum, on the left of Henry Law Avenue, to the right of the museum building. Metered parking is available Mondays through Saturdays, 9am-8pm at $1/hour for the first two hours, increasing to $2 per hour for the third and fourth hours. After four hours, rates increase to $3 per hour.

Do we earn a scout badge?

Hands-on experiences with the arts, science and world culture do not correlate directly with one specific badge. Please refer to badge guidelines to see how these activities could be used toward earning badges.

Where do we sleep?

Each group is assigned an exhibit space to sleep when they arrive for the overnight. Floor surfaces consist of carpet, wood and rubber tile. When the lights go out at 11 am, all campers must be in their sleeping areas. Museum staff will let you know where they will be positioned if you need them during the over night hours.

Will the museum store be open during our stay?

Yes. Museum staff will let you know when the shop will be open. The shop sells a wide variety of educational and fun exhibit-related items. The majority of shop items cost between $1 - $15.

What if children or chaperones cancel after we have paid?

The museum does not issue any refunds after a final count and payment have been made one month prior to your scheduled overnight. You may find substitute chaperones to replace those who cancel.

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