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Mission + Vision

Our Mission: Actively engage families in hands-on discovery

Our Vision: To inspire all to become the next generation of innovators and creative thinkers

Strategic Plan 2023 cover

2023-2025 Strategic Plan

An open letter to our communities

The past three years have brought many challenges to our community of partners, children, families and institutions like children’s museums that focus on using play and interactive learning environments to ignite children’s social, emotional and cognitive development.  Museums have the power to unite and strengthen community and family bonds. To bring joy, relieve stress, and be safe, welcoming and accessible to all. 

While the pandemic affected the same negative impacts to the Museum that other businesses and non-profits faced, it also challenged us to focus on new ways of achieving our mission and vision and imagine how we would rebuild our organization to meet the needs of our communities.  

What emerged has guided our Strategic Plan for the next three years.  Through constituent surveys, evaluations and conversations we identified the need to bring our play-based learning expertise to support early childhood educators and help with the childcare crisis, to strengthen social opportunities for families and communities following years of isolation and to ensure we continue to invest in creating innovative and engaging experiences that nurture children’s growth.

The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire is proud to be a trusted leader in the field of child development and play-based learning. We embrace the opportunity to pursue new relationships and collaborations, strengthen our business practices and create new experiences that best serve all children and families in the years to come.

Jane Bard, President                                        

Paul Silvio, Board Chair

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