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Exploring Our Way: Sensory Friendly Playtime

For some children with autism spectrum or sensory processing disorders, a visit to museums like ours is challenging or over-stimulating. The Exploring Our Way: Sensory Friendly Playtimes are exclusive to families of children with special needs. These monthly, low-sensory events are designed for children with autism spectrum or sensory processing disorders allowing them to explore the Museum along with their families without the noise, crowds, and stimulation of a typical open day.

We limit the number of families who can attend, turn down sounds and lights, provide a quiet zone with sensory activities away from the exhibit floor and have noise cancelling headphones to borrow. A medical diagnosis is not required. Pre-registration is required.

Masks are now optional for all during Exploring Our Way.

2022 Dates through June

Tuesday, February 1, 1-4pm >>
Sunday, March 6, 1-4pm >>

Tuesday, April 5, 1-4pm >>

Sunday, May 1, 1-4pm >>

Tuesday, June 7, 1-4pm >>

The Details

  • Regular admission rates apply; discounts will be honored
  • Register online in advance
  • Plan-your-visit resources available:
  • Days will alternate between weekday and weekend, to accommodate more families.

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