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Dover Adventure Playground

The Dover Adventure Playground is a public park maintained by the city of Dover, open for families to play on at their own risk.

The City of Dover, in collaboration with the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire and many generous supporters, has created the new, innovative Dover Adventure Playground. This unique play area features a life-size flat-bottomed vintage gundalow boat, a net climber, swings and slides, a 3-story Garrison tower, a 1,200 pound, 3x8 foot climbable Alewife granite fish sculpture, a splash pad, musical instruments and will eventually include a life-sized “whale’s tail” sculpture perched on the roof of the Dover Pool.

Dover Adventure Playground HOURS:

Spring & Summer: 7am - 9:30pm

Fall & Winter: 7am - 7pm

Splash Pad Hours: 9am - 8pm

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It's against the policy of the museum to let anyone who is not a paid visitor use the bathrooms inside the museum. This rule is for safety reasons and we cannot make exceptions.

However, there are two seasonal port-a-potties available for the public to use to the right of the entrance to the Dover pool, close to the river. These port-a-potties are kept open most of the time, but are locked on weekdays from 9pm to 5am. Any additional port-a-potties that might be in the park are probably there for specific events or festivals, like the Cocheco Arts Festival, and might be locked at different times.

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