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Summer Library Outreach

Adventure All Around: Earth, Sea, and Sky!

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CMNH Educators will be on the road this summer for our Summer Library Program! Children will learn about influential adventurers throughout history and the science behind exploring our world - land, ocean, air, and space!

Join educators from CMNH to learn about historical figures whose work led to some of the amazing adventure we go on to this day - like space and science exploration!

A museum educator will lead children in a hands-on, exciting, informative presentation - with a focus on influential explorers in the STEM fields whose work took them on all kinds of adventures. From the deepest ocean, all the way up to space! Children will explore four activity stations that highlight one adventurer, and try out a related hands-on science activity.

This hour-long program will wrap-up with an introduction to the engineering design process, and every participant will be given the challenge to design and build their own "adventure vehicle!" Children can choose from a variety of recycled materials, and will have an opporunity to test their creations at the end.

The Details:

Any Library who is a Member of CMNH will get $20 off this summer's Library Outreach Program!

Number of kids who can come to each program: 40

Designed for Kids ages: 5-12, but siblings are welcome

Length of program: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Cost: $290 - Maximum enrollment of 40 children, includes all materials. Multiple sessions held consecutively in the same location will receive a $50 discount on each additional session.

Mileage fee & details: A travel fee of 75 cents per mile will be required for all libraries beyond a 10 mile radius of CMNH. For libraries located farther than a 50 mile radius from the museum, the program cost is $340 + mileage fees for the added staff travel time.

Book a Date Online >>

Our program booking is online this year. Libraries reserve a date HERE and pay the program deposit to secure the date. An educator will then reach out to set a time for the program and go over any other details.

More questions?
Please call or email Colie McClain: 603-742-2002

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