Summer 2021 Library Outreach

For the 2021 Summer reading program we will be virtual! This will be the same high quality program that we would have presented at your library in the past, but facilitated through pre-recorded videos and online activities.

Finding Science in Folktales

Join us for a trip around the world as we investigate animal science through popular folktales and legends! Participants travel from East Africa to Brazil and beyond as they hear how the King of the birds was chosen, why Bear has a stumpy tail, and more. Each folktale will have a corresponding animal science focused experiment or activity.

Designed for Ages: 5-11, children outside this age range are welcome to participate

Including 50 activity kits and videos/online activities: $250 per library
Including 25 activity kits and videos/online activities: $225 per library
Only videos/online activities: $175 per library
Any Library who is a Member of the Museum will get $20 off this summer's Library Outreach Program

How does it work?

We will send you a series of 4 short, interactive videos to share with your summer reading program participants. These videos will highlight the same animal science that would have been explored during our in-person program. Each video will feature one folktale story and corresponding activity. We will also send written instructions for each project to accompany the videos.

In addition to the videos, libraries have the option to add activity kits to their program. NEW THIS YEAR: We will send or deliver supplies and fabric bags for libraries to assemble into activity kits. Bags will not arrive at your library pre-assembled. We apologize if this causes any inconvenience, but with the Museum open this summer and staff still working reduced hours, we do not have the resources to assemble the kits.

Questions about the online program or to book:

Please Contact: Meredith Brustlin, Early Childhood and Literacy Coordinator

Praise from libraries who booked last year's virtual "Engineer a Fairytale" program:

So impressed with the quality of programming. Thank you!

Thank you for adapting under these challenging circumstances!

Thank you for coming up with programming that was instructional, entertaining, and well priced!

I've always been very pleased with all the programs the Museum has offered - in person or virtual. We look forward to doing more programs with you in the future!

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