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Summer 2022 Library Outreach

Across Oceans Exploring the Art Culture History of Japan

Book a summer experience from The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire in an entirely new format. Invite your patrons to explore this “Museum To You” workshop designed any way YOU want!

Across Oceans: Exploring the Art, Culture & History of Japan

Take a trip across oceans to Japan! Explore art, history, and culture from this fascinating country through three different projects. Learn about the art of gyotaku, or fish printing, and make your own on a fabric bag to take home. Local artist, Bruce Iverson, will be featured in the video demonstrating traditional Japanese fish printing techniques! Discover the celebration of Kodomo No Hi…children’s day! Make a carp kite and learn why these fish hold special significance on this day. Lastly, explore salt art by creating salt paintings and salt designs in the style of Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto.

This workshop will be set-up and facilitated by you with guidance provided by Museum Educators via a pre-recorded video.

YOU decide how you want to run these activities. You could:

  • Do the whole workshop in one session
  • Do one activity per week
  • Do the workshop multiple times throughout the summer for small groups
  • Do one of the art projects multiple times and the others only once
  • Do a series: one activity from the workshop each month of the summer

The Museum will provide you:

  • Three art projects that focus on the history, culture and art of Japan and relate to the ocean and its inhabitants.
    • Projects include: Gyotaku Fish Printing, Decorating a carp kite, and Exploring salt art.
  • All supplies needed to complete the three projects (Almost all! Supplies like paint brushes, markers, and cups for water or paint will not be provided)
    • Fish Printing: Rubber fish mold, acrylic paint & a fabric bag to print on
    • Carp Kites: Specially designed carp kites, spray bottle, pipe cleaner for hanging
    • Salt Art: Salt, watercolor paints, watercolor paper, condiment bottles, project tray
      • All supplies are yours to keep and can be reused in the future for more programming.
  • Two videos
    • One video for librarians/facilitators explaining how to best set up the projects and any other helpful hints
    • One video for program participants (broken up into chapters, one for each project) that explains the project and shares how it relates to the history & culture of Japan. Local artist, Bruce Iverson, will be featured in the video demonstrating traditional Japanese fish printing techniques!
  • Activity sheets/project instructions:
    • Would you rather have a screen-free workshop program? That’s okay, too! Use the activity sheets instead of the video or in addition to the video.
    • Confused? Overwhelmed? We’re here to help you! Schedule a Zoom or phone call or send us an email anytime. We want this to be a successful experience for you!

Program cost:

Videos & Supplies for 24 children: $250

Videos & Supplies for 48 children: $275

If your library is a member with The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire, you receive a $20 discount on your program!

**Please note: the only project that is truly dependent on not going over these numbers are the carp kites which come in packages of 24, unless you’d like to purchase more of your own. All other projects could be done multiple times over the summer with small adjustments (ex: using paper for fish prints instead of fabric bags).

Does this sound like a good fit?

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