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40th Anniversary in 2023

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The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire (CMNH) turns 40 in 2023, while its chosen city of Dover, NH celebrates its 400th anniversary year. The museum, one of the most visited family attractions in the state of New Hampshire, will celebrate its 40-year legacy with fun events, a nostalgic look back on how much things have evolved over the years, and by starting work on a new expansion project. CMNH is grateful for the support from Kennebunk Savings Bank, who is the exclusive sponsor of all 40th Anniversary Year celebrations.

“We support the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire because we know the early years in a child’s development are critical, and we want to do our part to help build curious and engaged kids who become lifelong learners. We also love that it’s such a huge draw for families both near and far, bringing them to the heart of the great city of Dover. And honestly, supporting CMNH is just a lot of fun! We are excited to help celebrate the museum’s forty years in the community and look forward to recognizing that milestone all year long.” –Bradford C. Paige, Kennebunk Savings Bank President & CEO


A sneak peek at CMNH’s plans for special events throughout 2023! More to come!

Dover Resident’s Day
Saturday, July 1, 9am-Noon or 1-4pm
CMNH will be offering $1 per person admission (which was what the museum charged when it first opened in 1983) for all Dover residents on this special Saturday, which happens to coincide with Dover's Downtown Block Party! (Everyone is welcome to visit the museum on this Saturday, but only Dover residents can enjoy the special $1/person admission).

Family Fun Day at CMNH
Saturday, July 22, 9am-Noon or 1-4pm
CMNH will offer $1 per person admission to all!

CMNH’s 40th Birthday Party
Saturday, September 23, 9am-Noon or 1-4pm
Come celebrate our birthday with play time, art projects, science experiments, and of course, cake!

40 Years of Play
Special exhibition inside CMNH’s Gallery 6

October 3, 2022 – January 28, 2024

Share Your Memories!

The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire has welcomed literally millions of visitors over its 40 years! Now the museum wants to capture all those stories and photos with this interactive photo contest!

Did you visit as a kid when the museum was in Portsmouth? Did you visit recently with your kids in Dover? Maybe both?! Share your pictures, stories, and indulge in some nostalgia by voting for your favorite memories below. We'll do various giveaways to the most loved photos throughout the year. The museum will get in on the fun too and we will be sharing “then and now” photos here and on social media.

  • Did you know that the current museum President, Jane Bard, started at the museum as an Educator? She has been known to dress up as story book characters like Amelia Bedelia (back when the museum was in Portsmouth) and routinely can be found in today’s Books Alive character costumes like the recent visit from Llama Llama!

  • The Communications Director, Neva Cole played in the original yellow submarine, lobster boat, and space shuttle in the Portsmouth museum as a kid, and now her 11 year daughter was raised with regular trips to the Dover location and can now show anyone around the exhibits like a pro!

If the museum has this many memories from within our staff, there are plenty more out there in the community. So dig through your albums and share yours and help the museum celebrate its 40th year of engaging families in hands-on discovery!


Click on an image below and click the "heart" to vote for your favorite photo/memory! We'll be giving away some CMNH swag to the top loved photos/memories!

By submitting your photos and memories you are agreeing to:

  1. Allow CMNH to post and share your name, photos and memories here on our website and throughout our social media.

  2. Allow CMNH and our sponsors to use your name, quotes, and photos to promote the museum.


Baby girl loving the mirrors!

--Hollie Dumont

Just moved to NH and just turned four: 10 years ago, February 23, 2013!

--Heather H. Totty

Liana enjoying some music/noise!

--Katherine Lapak

Liana enjoying her reflection.

--Katherine Lapak

Liana practicing her light switches.

--Katherine Lapak

Liana visiting the CMNH in 2017.

--Katherine Lapak

Nolan Seeing how high he can get!

--Katherine Lapak

Maverick and Nolan working together to make things fly!

--Katherine Lapak

Nolan enjoying some planes as well as trains!

--Katherine Lapak

Maverick playing with some lights and colors. Favorite color is blue.

--Katherine Lapak

Nolan enjoying some trains!

--Katherine Lapak

Maverick exploring his surroundings hoping to spot something!

--Katherine Lapak

A friendly vet giving a wave through the window to his clinic!

--Brooke Lubrano

Driving the Yellow Submarine.

--Jennifer Souza


--Patricia Bradley

Special holiday celebration.

--Lusann Wishart

Riley's first trip to the museum!

--Keshia Desjardin

Riley loves playing at the Children's Museum! He got a membership as a Christmas gift from his Nana!

--Keshia Desjardin

A day of fun!

--Kristen Lopez

So much fun!

--Kristen Lopez

First trip to the museum on February 24, 2022!

--Brandi Rocheleau

Checking out the views from the tree fort!

--Meghan Tanglis

All smiles!

--Meghan Tanglis

Checking out the river!

--Meghan Tanglis

Hanging out in the throne!

--Meghan Tanglis

Different mirrors, different views, same people!


Miya at her favorite place - Dover Children’s Museum in the dinosaur section!

--Iesha Hahn

Current CMNH President Jane Bard started at the museum as an Educator and she regularly dressed up as children's book characters like Amelia Bedelia!

--Jane Bard

Neva Cole, current CMNH Communications Director, was caught on camera back in 1995 as a volunteer in the Portsmouth museum's Muse Studio!

--Neva Cole
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