by Meredith Brustlin, CMNH Educator

Sorting: Exploring playing cards

  • Find a deck of playing cards and spread them out
  • Raid your recycling bin and find 2-4 containers (depending on child’s age, see below) and cut slits in the top so the cards can be dropped inside. 
    • I used large clear plastic baby spinach/mixed greens containers for this.
    • Some children will just have fun putting the cards into the slots - and that’s okay!
    • Younger children can sort them by color (2 containers)
    • Older children could sort them by their suit! (4 containers)
  • Invite your child to sort the cards! 

Art: Evaporation Science Art

  • Find a plastic container and a paintbrush 
    • The paintbrush should be one you don’t mind getting a bit dirty!
  • Fill the plastic container with water and go outside!
  • Paint designs on your driveway/sidewalk using the water
  • Watch and see how long it takes the drawings to evaporate
    • This activity is best done on a sunny day :) 

Sensory: Floating splashy transfer

  • Put out two mixing bowls
  • Fill both with water
  • Put items that float in one bowl
    • I used marker caps
  • Invite your child to use a spoon or scoop to move all of the items from one bowl to the other!
    • You could put items that sink and float in the bowl and chat about how moving them is different if they sink or float. 

Building: Recycling Bin Wonders

  • Raid your recycling bin and find a variety of items
  • Use them to build!
  • Give your child prompts like “Make a bridge!” “Make a house!” “Design a rocketship!” and challenge them to just use the items from the recycling bin
    • It’s fun to add little toys or other manipulatives to this challenge