by Meredith Brustlin, CMNH Educator

These bubble blowers are a BLAST and can be made with upcycled items easily found at home! This craft is perfect for Earth Day week. What else could you upcycle to make into something new and fun?!

Materials Needed:

  • Plastic bottle
    • You can use a plastic cup as well
  • Piece of a mesh vegetable bag
  • Duct tape
  • Bubble solution (store bought or DIY)


  • Find a plastic bottle for each bubble blower
  • Cut off the non-drinking-end of the plastic bottle
    • Cutting about an inch off the end is plenty
    • If using a plastic cup - cut a small opening on the bottom of the cup. This will be the spot where little ones put their mouths to blow their bubbles.
  • Fit your piece of mesh vegetable bag over the cut end of your plastic bottle and secure to the bottle using duct tape
    • If using a plastic cup, put the mesh over the wide end of the cup (where you would normally drink!)
  • Put some bubble solution inside a container
    • To make your own you will need:
      • 1 cup water
      • 2 Tbsp light corn starch
      • 4 Tbsp dish soap
        • Mix all ingredients together!
        • There are a lot of recipes for bubble solution - I used this one because I had these materials at home!
  • Invite bubble blowers to dip their plastic bottles into the bubble solution and then try blowing bubbles!
    • Big bubble snakes will appear!

Thank you to our Earth Day week sponsor, D. F. Richard!