From the City of Dover
September 4, 2021

The in-vehicle parking payment device EasyPark that works with Dover, Durham, Manchester and Portsmouth parking meter systems will be phased out as customers use up their remaining balances. Existing customers have the option of adding funds to their dashboard EasyPark device one more time.

EasyParkUSA, the firm behind EasyPark, notified participating New Hampshire municipalities that it is phasing out the devices due to decreased use and increased availability of pay-by-phone options in most communities, including Dover with the Flowbird app. EasyParkUSA discontinued sales of its devices to participating New Hampshire municipalities earlier this year.
After adding the final amount of funds, device owners must notify EasyParkUSA to close their account. No annual or monthly service fees will be charged once the account is closed. When deciding how much to add for the final reload, users should understand that the device can only hold approximately 30 parking sessions in its memory. Users will be unable to download the memory once the account is closed.

EasyParkUSA will be alerting New Hampshire subscribers to the program's end via their account emails.

For more information, contact the Dover Parking Bureau at 603-516-6132.

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