We had the pleasure of welcoming Lilly Hamlin of Hamlin Consulting for a recent visit to CMNH when she suggested a few new Accessibility Tools that the museum could have on hand to assist visitors.

Bump Dots

These simple self-adhesive bump dots have been added to the EverBright Interactive LED light wall to simplify how visitors can rotate the knobs to change the colors.

Industrial Twist Ties

These 17-inch long twist ties are durable, waterproof and covered in soft foam and have a variety of uses. For visitors who have a hard time gripping, this can be used in several different exhibits to help rotate or spin gears.

Stretchy Fabric

This simple long piece of stretchy fabric can be used as a table cloth, or wrapped around any two stable objects to create a tent like space for someone looking for a calm quiet dark spot to shut out overwhelming sensory input. It's also great for wrapping around bodies for gentle, calming pressure, similar to a weighted blanket.

These three tools are now available as resources when visiting the museum, and some, like the bump dots you might spot out in the exhibits when next you visit. To use them, simply ask our friendly staff!