Nominating and voting for the Children's Museum of NH may seem like a small thing, but it helps us reach new audiences and grow our already stellar reputation as a safe and fun place for families to play! If you have a few minutes to help us with this, we would greatly appreciate your support!

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Vote for us in New Hampshire Magazine's "Best of NH" contest!

Vote for us now through March 17. There is a "Museum" category, or you could write us in as your "Favorite Family Fun Spot"



Nominate us for a 2023 Boston Parents Paper Family Favorite Award!

You can nominate the "Children's Museum of NH" now through the end of April. If you don't see the museum listed in the category you want, you can easily write us in.

Nomination categories that would be a good fit for us include:


  • Indoor Play Spaces

  • Museums and Attractions

  • Parent-Friendly Playdate Spots


  • Arts & Crafts Summer Camps

  • Preschool Age Summer Camps

  • STEM Summer Camps

Nominate us here >>

About this Family Favorite award: The voting for Boston’s Family Favorites is conducted in a two-round process. The first round occurs in the month of March and early April with open write-in nominations taking place. Write-in nominations continue to be open until the end of April.

As the nomination period in the first round comes to a close in mid April, shortly afterwards, the second round opens with the top nominees in each category being selectable in this final round of voting during the latter part of April and May. Write-in nominations are no longer available, and voters are open to select their favorite from among those that are listed.

The final winners are posted in August.